Safety Road motorcycle Riding School

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Cost: €250,00

The course is confirmed when 20 participants are reached,
and registration will end when 30 participants are reached.

Meeting point: At the event base hotel lobby. It is required to arrive with a fuel autonomy of at least 150 km.


  • 09.00 am: in the meeting room, welcome speech with Instructors, presentation of the course program. Attribution of the personal participation pass. Theory lesson.
  • 10.30 am: departure for the dynamic lesson, subdivision based on the bike and experience in various groups of maximum 6 bikers
  • 11.00 am: autonomous theory lesson of individual groups in a closed area with examples of various situations and training by the bikers
  • 11.30 am: a dynamic lesson on the road of single groups
  • 01.30 pm: transfer to the common light lunch for all groups participating in the course
  • 02.30 pm: transfer to the hotel with verification of the morning training
  • 04.00 pm: arrival at the hotel and end of the course with the delivery of participation certificate

THE PARTICIPATION FEE INCLUDES: the theoretical and practical course on riding techniques and an introduction to the GSSS Method with a leaflet with the essential points of the course.

THE PARTICIPATION FEE DOES NOT INCLUDE: Light lunch (15-20 € max), fuel for the motorbikes, any extras

CLOTHING: technical gear is required to participate in the GSSS courses: helmet, gloves, jacket and pants with protections, back protector, and boots; rain gear is also highly recommended as the course will be held even in bad weather.

MOTORCYCLE: Your motorbike must be in order and compliance with the road rules. You need to be alone on the motorbike.

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Who is GSSS

GSSS is Dynamic Road Safety Riding: with active courses since 2005 in the Federal Technical Centre of Polcanto (Florence- Italy) has the aim of educating modern and knowledgeable motorcyclists in road safety, focusing on creating a safe driving style without forgetting the pleasure of riding.

GSSS courses are unique in that they are organized in collaboration with the Italian Motorcycle Federation. They are based on GSSS Method, created and developed together with the Technical Sector of FMI, of IGSS – Safe Driving Road Trainers.

The courses’ main strength is in transforming bike owners into true motorcyclists through the development of mental attitudes that combine knowledge, technique, and riding pleasure to produce improved road safety awareness. GSSS believes that the best environment to learn to drive your bike is on the mountain roads, which hold real dangers but also extraordinary charm, both irreplaceable.

Every GSSS course is also an engaging bike touring break that offers the participants the chance to create wonderful personal experiences, where new friendships are formed and developed within lively, active communities. So GSSS courses are ideal team building and incentive events, already been tried out with success by many companies.

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