Safe riding course. Better to exit from your comfort zone!

All participants in the next International Meeting 2023 can register and participate in the Safe Driving Course held by the FMI federal instructors.

A Safe Driving course is an experience that we should have once in a lifetime and then repeat because … you never stop learning, and getting out of your “comfort zone” of already knowing everything can only do you good! Riding a motorbike safely allows you to enjoy the travel experience at 360°, even more so with motorbikes such as those of the participants of the International Meeting, which make the most beautiful roads and tourism for many kilometers the nature of the journey.

But what does it mean to drive safely? A lovely reference can be found in the five points of Italo Calvino’s “American lessons”. Think of Lightness, Speed, Accuracy, Visibility, and Multiplicity. Are they not the moral and spiritual pillars of motorcycle riding?

Here are some testimonials from motorcyclists who have attended a safe driving course:

GSSS courses are helpful for everyone, even those who think they’re already good at it and those who don’t feel confident. I’ve done about ten because I like the system and the environment, and I learn something new and essential every time. (Gianluigi)

There is only one adjective to describe this course, like all the courses of the GSSS….. EXCITING! Exciting because every time you realize that you add something valuable and indispensable to your way of riding the bike when tackling the bends, exciting because the instructors, in addition to being extremely friendly, helpful and competent, can convey such clear concepts to you that after the first few minutes, you can immediately put them into practice by directly verifying the actual improvements. (Marco)

In all these years, many kilometers have been covered by driving with a “personal” technique (so to speak). I was torn a lot before enrolling in the course. On the one hand, there was the will to learn something to correct my mistakes. On the other the awareness of my limits and the fear of being an obstacle to the other participants. Everything became easier. I followed the trajectories in safety, used the rear brake to close the corner (never done before), and thought about the correct posture before each corner. Even my wife has noticed that I have completely changed how I ride. (Antonio)

After 39 years of license and many km of experience, the course was undoubtedly the best investment on two wheels. Thanks to competent and helpful instructors, the improvements were unthinkable. (Michele)

The “safe driving” course may be misleading, or at least it was for me as I was thinking of a completely different thing. Instead, the teaching that is given to you is that of how to approach your vehicle in an other way, a safer and more efficient way of being on the bike that sincerely leads to less fatigue, of how to deal with curves, for all those who faced it for the first time a new experience of riding a motorcycle, upsetting years and years of motorcycle riding that we thought perfect. (Claudio)

My first driving course, with the awareness now that it would have been better to do it a little earlier. Not the first session, but a few years before, I still have several years ahead to try and try again. My judgment is more than positive, and I was happy to have participated. I understood how many things work that are done automatically, without realizing it, and now I want to do them better and with awareness. (Giorgio)

I’ve always wanted to do a driving course, but in the end, with a thousand excuses, I never attended. I knew I was making mistakes while riding, especially in the riding position, but I decided to take the course when I felt ready to accept opinions and advice. Now when I drive, I enjoy it even more than when I arrived at the course, aware that I will have to continue practicing to make the various movements become a natural gestures. (Carlo)

I considered it an experience to have, and I did it. I came away with a wealth of advice and knowledge I never expected. (Massimo)

I was delighted with the course, many pieces of that beautiful puzzle which is the pleasure of riding a motorcycle, have been stuck in the right place. Not all, of course. Still, a lot to learn, but feeling light in the saddle with the bike reacting to your movements significantly increases the riding pleasure. (Diego)

Initially, I hesitated to participate because I erroneously thought I knew how to ride a little bit. I also discovered how wrong my previous conviction of knowing how to ride a motorbike decently was because an entirely new world has opened up to me and is exciting at the same time. (Marco)

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