Ride a part of the Roman Empire

In Tuscany, the main roads are old, and their construction dates back to Roman times. Traveling these roads on a motorcycle means traveling through a period of history.

The Roman Empire also based its fortune on the ability to build roads and connect the various cities of the Empire.

On the map, it is possible to see the roads that led from Rome to the Tuscany region: the via Aurelia in blue, the via Cassia in red, and the via Clodia in purple.

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The most famous was the Via Aurelia, which, starting from the Forum Boarium, the port market around which Rome was born, crossed the River Tiber and, leaving Rome, the road headed north towards the Etruscan cities, allies of Rome, from here the road skirted the cape Argentario and pointed towards the towns of Vetulonia and Populonia at this point, the road pointed straight north, in the direction of Pisa. In Pisa, a vital port also in Roman times, the consular road system along the Tyrrhenian coast was interrupted due to the large marshy area called Fossae Papirianae on the current Versilia coast.

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