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The history of the international meeting

3 groups from Italy, Spain, and Portugal have hosted each year the International meeting since 2011...

The history of this meeting began in Italy 12 years ago when some friends of the BMW Luxury Touring group from Spain came to Italy to an event organized by KOG.

Many KOG members went to Barcelona for the II International Meeting the following year. The year after, the Spanish group traveled to Italy for the III International Meeting in Turin.

2014 was the turn of Spain, where they received our Portuguese friends from the BMW CKLT, having been spectacular.

In 2015 it was Italy’s turn, and the event was fantastic. In 2016, for the first time in its history, the event was held in Portugal, organized by the BMW CKLT Community, and it was memorable. The event has been running alternately, and in 2019 was held in Portugal, the organization run by the BMW CKLT Community.

The meeting could not be held for two years due to the pandemic, but in 2022, Spain was the host, and the event was in Vigo to take advantage of the holy year of Santiago de Compostela.

The International Meeting has thus become a delightful habit of meeting new and old friends.

2023 is Italy’s turn, so we’re waiting for you all in Pisa on October 6/8, 2023!

The Groups


KOG stands for K1200LT Owners Group, and was started in 2001 by Andrea Marucci, current president, following the purchase of the BMW K1200LT. For years it gathered all Italian, and even foreign, owners of the K1200LT and, after the introduction of the K1600 in 2011, became the Italian reference for this bike. The motto No Ordinary Bikers was coined because friendship is the glue that binds us, rather than the motorcycle model. Now KOG is the biggest K1600 and K1200LT group.


The BMWCKLT Portugal Community was founded in 2003 by a group of friends, happy owners of the famous K1200LT model. The Group quickly asserted itself, being today a reference. In 2006 we changed the corporate name, as we prioritize friendship above all else, surpassing the model of the motorcycle we own and so we changed the name to Comunidade BMWCKLT-Portugal in order to be more comprehensive and so we have remained over the years, until today.


BMW Luxury Touring is a BMW Motorrad Club from Spain with about 100 members and was the first group to join the idea of an International Meeting.

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